How much does this all cost

I am getting quite a few inquiries at the gym (and elsewhere) as to  the price of certain programs.  See the photo below.

I apologize for the blurriness of it.  Click on the image and it will enlarge.

How much does the Isagenix program cost    Buy Isagenix Cleanse Weight Loss and Fat Burning Systems  not Isagenics or Isogenics


As you can see this gives a pretty clear picture as to cost of each product/protocol.  I was really surprised by this and really surprised to see the isagenix cost was the lowest.  I would have NEVER guessed that due to the ingredients alone.  The results my clients are seeing has been nothing short of amazing and I am almost hoping that it will fail at some point.  I guess that is just the skeptic inside of me.  I just haven’t seen something like this before.

I didn’t start this blog expecting to write about a product but on the other hand it’s sort of cool that I am witnessing something like this working first hand with my clients.

The jury is still out but so far I can’t really bad mouth this product.  I will report back in a week or so.

One Thing That Works

Now let me tell you what I’ve found that seems to really work long term -

One of my clients (Amber) brought these products to my attention about a year ago.  She’d already been training with me for about a year and we weren’t seeing much changes.

Amber (thank you for before and after btw and great job!)

Nine times out of ten when we don’t see results it’s because my clients aren’t following a healthy meal plan.  You can work out all you want, but if your nutrition isn’t good you’re really wasting your time.

So when I started seeing some changes in her I asked her if she was making some better food choices and she said for the previous 2 months she’d been using a program called Isagenix.

Since I try to be very open with my clients, I was surprised she didn’t talk to me about it (because she knew I was doing research on different programs)  She admitted she wanted to see if worked for her first.

She lost 19 lbs in the first 45 days.  Although that was impressive, I was very skeptical at first because healthy weight loss is about 1-2 lbs per week.  I asked her to bring me some ingredient information and I have been pleasantly surprised.

Isagenix claims to be a lifestyle change instead of a diet and I love that thought process.  It’s based on nutritional cleansing and the more research I do (I’ve started the program myself now) the more I’m impressed.

I’m 4 months on the program and leaned out to 8% body fat from 12% and gained 7lbs of lean muscle.  I haven’t changed out my workouts, just added the program to my already nutritional diet. is the website I ordered through.  I think this site and these specific people really give you a complete review of Isagenix and what it can do for you.

I chose this team because after researching they are very knowledgeable and Cindy knows Todd personally.  He’s no bs.

This is a program I can present to my clients and even bring products into our gym.  It’s easy to follow, above organic standards and makes sense for our clients.


2 weeks – That’s all it takes right?

Dr Oz’s Rapid Weight Loss Program – 2 weeks – that’s all it takes right?

#1 I don’t believe anything should be rapid…. But this program does work yet it takes a lot of discipline.

A few of my clients have used this program and we have seen great results with them.  The only problem I see with this is most people just aren’t this disciplined long term.  It will last for 1-2 weeks and then people fall off the wagon.  I suggest this program to get started (maybe) but it’s not something people tend to stick to long term because it’s difficult.

People are busy in general and this type of program takes a lot of meal prep and a lot of education about what to eat and when.